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Daily Small Engine Trivia:

"The most popular carburetor used on motorcycles is a variable venturi carburetor"

A picture of a toolbox This website is about the small engine, small engine product's, small engine maintenance and repair, and all small engine technologies found in the outdoor power sports and outdoor power equipment industry. Everyone is invited to participate on this website. Technicians, students, DIY'ers, it doesn't matter who you are. Please feel free to ask questions, post answers, or just say hi in the online forum, or take advantage of the other resourses this website has to offer. The link to the forum is at the top of the page.

It's difficult to create a good definition for a small engine using only horse power ratings, and at the same time give the reader a good understanding of what the small engine world is like. There are a large variety of small engines on the market today with many different engine types and configurations that cover many different industries and applications. It is not uncommon to see a small engine for one application, than see another engine with similar displacment and configuration produce 3 times the horse power. The most familiar four cycle industial small engine is designed to be reliable and spend its life running at 3600 rpm, while powering a mower or snowblower or some other outdoor power equipment. The performance requirements for this engine are far different from another engine designed to rocket a rider around a dirt track as fast as possible, and even though both engines share the same displacement, their power specifications are completely different. For example, a motorcycle engine is required to operate over a broader rpm range and produce more horse power per unit of displacement than an industrial engine. A Briggs & Stratton engine that produces 25 HP is approximately 700cc in size, but a motorcycle engine with the same displacement can produce 70 HP or more. In 2015 Kawasaki manufactured a 998cc supersport Ninja H2R motorcycle that produces a whopping 300 HP. Kawasaki's H2R engine is only 298cc larger than the 700cc Brigg & Stratton engine mentioned earlier, but the H2R produces 12 times the horse power. Because of all the varying engine displacement size's, engine types, engine configurations and all the other differences found in the small engine world, I would like to keep it as simple as possible and define all engines found in Outdoor Power Sports and Outdoor Power Equipment as a small engine. Some might argue that big displacement engines found in cruiser and touring motorcycles do not have a small engine, and they may be right, but for the sake of making things easy, I will include all motorcycle engines when discussing small engine's on this website.

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